What is Deep Foam Injection?

Poly Foam Injection To Raise Concrete Slabs

Deep Foam Injection aka “Deep Foamjection” is the process of using special equipment to inject foam deeper to improve the integrity of the soils. This is an upgrade to the standard concrete lifting process, where the voids directly under the slabs are filled and the slab is only supported. Deep foam injection goes deeper to increases the load bearing capacity of the soils.

What is Deep Foamjection Used for?

There are so many beneficial applications for Deep Foam Injection because new technology allows us to penetrate deep into the ground

  • Stabilizes the soils far beneath the surface, making them stronger
  • Fills ground voids, even voids that are holding water! That’s right, the foam we use can displace collected water and won’t absorb ground water in the future making it a permanent repair solution
  • Installs a stronger foundation for interior and exterior slabs, large or small and support them and the structures that rest upon them
  • Repairing ground around and next to seawalls 
  • Supporting warehouses and large grain bins
  • Can be used on Highways, Airports, Railways, Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Driveways, Walkways, Pool Decks & More!

Other Benefits of Poly Foam Concrete leveling

Not only does the new technology have a multitude of helpful applications, the process and materials have their benefits too

  • The foam used will never change shape or absorb ground water, making repairs permanent
  • There is zero excavation or heavy equipment needed 
  • Foam does not leach chemicals into the ground
  • Minimal downtime for most projects
  • The foam material follows the path of least resistance making it’s way to the voids and weaker areas to fill them and make them much stronger

For more information on the process and foam, pleas visit our FAQ page


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