Unsightly cracks and large joints in your concrete are not only an eye sore, they can often lead to further damage to your concrete. Luckily there is a solution that not only can improve the appearance of your concrete but can also prevent further cracking or sinking. 

What is Joint Sealing?

Joint sealing or “caulking” is the process of applying a filler to cracks and joints in and between the concrete slabs. This requires the joints to be prepped and cleaned thoroughly before application to ensure proper adhesion. After the area is fully prepped, backer rod is installed to create the ideal joint depth. Also, placing sand or backer rod at the base of the joint prevents the sealer from sagging or falling to the bottom of the joint or crack. Once the backer rod is set, the sealer will be delicately spooned or troweled into the prepped joints and cracks. Within 24 hours the sealer is cured and you can begin enjoying the beautiful look of your 

Benefits of Concrete Joint Sealing

There are two major benefits to concrete joint sealing: 

#1 – Damage Prevention

Exposed joints and cracks, if left unsealed, can allow water, ice and other debris to penetrate deep below the concrete slabs. This can lead to drastic expansion and undermining of the subsoil resulting in cracked and unlevel slabs. A simple solution to avoid these harsh concrete situations is to seal your existing joints and cracks.

#2 – Enhanced Appearance

Joint sealing can enhance the appearance of your driveway or sidewalk. Once joints and cracks are sealed, no debris can enter into them which means finally, no more stubborn weeds popping up in these areas! With the array of colors offered, finding the right match for your concrete should be a breeze.

Products Used

We believe in using high quality products from local vendors for our customers. For that reason, we use Pecora DynaTrol II which is a general purpose, two part polyurethane sealant. We mix the two part system fresh on each job site, every time.

Appearance of  the joint(s) is just as important as functionality and for that there are a multitude of colors to help match the color of your existing concrete (see color chart to the right).

The Bottom Line

Concrete joint sealing is a process that can save you lots of time (as well as money!) and prevent plenty of headaches down the line. Remember, taking action today will improve your chances of finding a feasible solution to your concrete-repair problem. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Detroit Concrete Leveling. We specialize in this line of work and know how to handle any assignment –– no matter how big or small. Call now at (866) 472-9033 and let us help you today!

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