joint & crack sealing

What is joint and crack sealing?

Concrete joint and crack sealing is the process of filling the expansion joints and any cracks found in and between the concrete slabs. We use a two-part polyurethane based sealant that has exceptional elasticity. This elasticity is great for the natural expansion and contraction that happens between our frost cycles. Our products come in a wide range of colors to match any style. The process is fairly simple and depending on the size of the area, most projects are completed in just one day.

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What are the benefits of concrete joint sealing and concrete crack repair?

The main benefit of joint sealing is preventing water from seeping between the slabs. This can cause further erosion of the foundation resulting in washout or if water freezes beneath the slabs it can cause further damage or cracking to your concrete. One of the most frequent services we are contracted to do is sealing house lines where they meet the concrete to ensure water does not penetrate the masonry brick and enter the home or structure. Not only is it a functional repair, joint sealing is a great way to improve the appearance of your concrete. It looks very clean and prevents weeds from growing between your slabs and debris from collecting in them.

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