concrete leveling & void filling

What is concrete leveling?

Concrete leveling (aka mudjacking or slabjacking) is the process of lifting concrete by pumping material under the sunken or settled slabs. Erosion and settling of the foundation under the slabs is very common and can be caused by a number of reasons. Our company offers slabjacking with 100% limestone and we also offer foam, to restore the foundation and pitch of concrete slabs. The process is fairly simple and depending on the size of the area, most projects are completed in just one day, typically within a few hours! If you need help deciding which material is best for you, Click Here to see the similarities and differences.

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it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

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#1 - drill

#1 - Drill

Strategically drill holes through the slabs that need void filling or adjustment. There are 1" holes for limestone and 5/8" holes for foam

#2 - Pump

#2 - pump

Using our equipment, we pump foam or make the limestone into a slurry that we pump through the drilled holes, as needed to lift and support

#3 - patch

#3 - Patch

Clean the area and patch the drill holes, using special techniques to help match the existing concrete as best we can

What are some signs that the concrete slabs are unlevel?

Common signs that concrete may need to be leveled include 

▪️Trip hazards or uneven slabs

▪️Large stress cracks running through the slabs

▪️Water pooling again the side of the home or structure

▪️Water not properly draining away from the home or structure

For more pictures of applications concrete leveling can be used for, please see our gallery page 

What are the benefits of concrete leveling?

Aside from the process being very simple and in most cases doesn’t require a permit to complete, there are many benefits to slabjacking if it is a solution for you!

▪️Cost Effective – Concrete leveling is a fraction of the cost of replacing the concrete

▪️ Quick – Most projects are completed in just a few hours

▪️ Preventative – Lifting & supporting the slab foundation can prevent further damage to the slabs themselves. In addition, correcting slab pitch can assist with proper water drainage, keeping your nearby structures safe from water penetration and damage

▪️ Trip Hazard Removal – Keeping walkways, driveways and entrances free of trips hazards not only makes things safer for pedestrian traffic but also helps in the winter months, making shoveling and snow blowing a breeze

▪️Curb Appeal – Slabjacking is a great way to increase curb appeal whether you are planning to stay or sell. If you are planning to sell, depending on the buyer’s mortgage, many home inspections will flag trip hazards that are as small as 1/4″ to be fixed 


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