Increase your Property Value with Concrete Leveling

If you have any doubts about whether or not investing in concrete leveling can increase your property value, we hope you will take it from us, experts in the field since 1977.  We see property values rise all the time as a result of concrete leveling.  The equation is simple, really.  When concrete begins to show signs of settling, you start seeing cracks.  Before long, those cracks become worse and you are now dealing with tripping hazards.  If things get really bad, such as when settling and erosion underneath your concrete slabs is severe, your driveway or walkway may become unusable.  At best, your damaged slabs look like an eye-sore.  At worst, you could be dealing with a real safety problem.  Detroit Concrete Leveling specializes in professional concrete leveling - which is more effective and less expensive than replacing your concrete.

Concrete Solutions for your Property

When it comes time for assessors to look at and evaluate your property, they will make note of the condition of your entire property, including your concrete driveway, walkways and the foundation of your home.  If they are in poor condition, your property value will suffer as a result.  But just as concrete slabs that are in poor condition will decrease your property’s value, repairing those slabs with concrete leveling will increase your property’s value.  Our team can raise your sunken driveway, sidewalk, patio, stairs, garage floors, and basement floor.

If you are considering selling your home, prospective buyers will see the exterior of your property first.  And we all know what they say about making first impressions.  Your house’s first impression could make the difference between a potential buyer checking out the interior of your home and walking away before entering.  If they walk into your house, there is a chance that the work you have done to upgrade and clean the interior will impress that buyer enough to eventually make an offer.   But if your driveway or walkways create a poor first impression, all the work you have done to make the interior presentable and appealing will have been for naught.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Ultimately, there is no good reason NOT to invest in concrete leveling, and Detroit Concrete Leveling has been doing excellent work in helping people increase their property value since 1977.  Our concrete leveling process is quite simple and far less expensive than replacing concrete slabs altogether.  We drill small holes in the existing concrete and fill the holes so that the slabs return to their original levels. We fill the small injection holes and dye the filler to match the color of the slab and the entire process leaves the area neat and clean.  And when the process is complete, you will be able to feel good about the fact that you have taken a step toward increasing the value of your property.  We complete most jobs in a matter of hours.

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How Concrete Leveling Works

Detroit Concrete Leveling is an excellent choice for business owners and homeowners who are searching for a reputable, reliable, timely, and professional concrete repair contractor who wants to do good work for you and save you money.  If you own a business with a parking lot for which you are responsible, or if you have a driveway at your home that has fallen prey to settling, contact our team today at Detroit Concrete Leveling.  We stand behind our work which should provide you with the assurance of an affordable concrete repair process.

Why Raise Concrete?

Far too often, concrete contractors recommend full replacement of concrete walkways, driveways, and parking lot slabs because there is more work involved and, therefore; more money to be made.  But Detroit Concrete Leveling is different than most concrete contractors.  Not only does Detroit Concrete Leveling guarantee the quality of its work, it guarantees your satisfaction.  Furthermore, leveling concrete instead of replacing it can cost as little as one-third of what it would cost to replace your concrete slabs. And the only way to accomplish that is by establishing a hard-earned reputation for fair and honest dealing with its customers.  We only use limestone in our concrete leveling process.  Many other contractors use dirt or sand, which can erode and cause your concrete slabs to develop the same problems all over again.  Concrete leveling takes a matter of hours, and leaves you able to use the area very quickly, without a big mess to clean up.  In addition, there is no wasteful mess!

The Concrete Leveling Process

When slabs of concrete begin to settle and become uneven, it is due to air pockets underneath that portion of the slab, and the effect can cause cracks in the concrete and unevenness from slab to slab.  If the situation is severe enough, it can create tripping hazards that can cause injury.  Concrete leveling is a repair process for concrete that involves drilling small holes into the sunken slabs of concrete and injecting a slurry of limestone into the holes.  By injecting the slurry underneath the affected concrete slabs, the air pockets underneath get filled, and the resulting pressure lifts the slabs back to the way they were when they were first made and closer to their original grading.  We fill and dye the small holes we make to inject the slurry so that the end result is that you can barely see where the holes were drilled.  Over time, the dye weathers and fades to the same color as the concrete or brick where we did the injecting.

Detroit Concrete Leveling takes pride in doing nothing but excellent work.  And we have been doing concrete leveling work since 1977, so we are confident in our ability to serve you in the way you expect.  If you are ready to take the first step of getting your concrete slabs level, contact us today at 866-472-9033.

The 3 Benefits of Choosing a Concrete Patio

There’s nothing like sitting out on your beautiful concrete patio during the summer. At Detroit Concrete Leveling, we can go on and on about the benefits of choosing a concrete patio versus anything else. The simplicity and beauty of concrete alone can make your outdoor living space a dream come true. Here are our top three reasons why choosing a concrete patio is the right decision for your home.

Cost Effectiveness

Concrete patios are remarkably more affordable than most alternative options. Concrete is less expensive than other patio materials to begin with, but then the cost savings almost triples when you think about the money you can also save in labor costs. While cost effectiveness is a pleasant benefit, it’s definitely not the only one. Those who choose to have a concrete patio aren’t sacrificing in style either. Concrete patios are both aesthetically pleasing and cost effective for the homeowner.


While there is nothing wrong with your sleek, easy standard slab of white concrete, concrete patios have the option to evolve into so much more! Concrete stamps, engravings, stencils, textures and colors are all now options for your concrete patio. In recent years, we have made so many advances with concrete that you can truly design it to look like anything you want. Concrete can easily conform into any shape and your concrete patio can even be designed with all different types of styles and blends.


While affordability and versatility are both great things, the benefit of concrete durability makes it all worth it. This is especially true up north where our weather conditions are not always ideal. Due to our colder climates, anytime we work with concrete we take special measures to ensure that our concrete patios will last families for many, many years without repair. Additionally, the maintenance on concrete is incredibly low. No staining, re-sealing, painting, wood rotting or plucking weeds from sand filled joints. Concrete is a reliable and durable option for any patio.

Interested in learning more about our simple and beautiful concrete solutions at Detroit Concrete Leveling? Since 1977, our company has delivered 100% satisfaction to our local customers. We are a family owned and operated company with state-of-the-art techniques. Concrete is what we know and perfection is what we strive for. For more information about concrete patios, give our dedicated team a call today at (866) 472-9033.