Avoid Concrete Replacement with Slabjacking

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Slabjacking is a far less expensive alternative to concrete replacement.  In fact, when you have your concrete slabs repaired by Detroit Concrete Leveling, your final cost could be as little as one-third the cost of full concrete replacement.  By comparison, the cost of replacing an electrical appliance almost always means that it is more cost-effective to fully replace the item.  But with concrete slabs, which are so fundamental to our homes and businesses, having the option to repair them is unusual indeed.  In fact, repairing a cracked slab can actually give it the strength it might have lacked when first installed.

Cracks and other signs of potential failure may not always be due to poor installation.  Such things can also occur because of settling and/or erosion of the earth underneath the concrete slab.  But no matter the cause, cracked concrete slabs will eventually need to be repaired.  We recommend slabjacking because it is a simple fix that will cost you much less than slab replacement.

What Is Involved in The Slabjacking Process?

So what, exactly is slabjacking?  Slabjacking is a process of repairing concrete slabs by injecting a slurry underneath the affected slabs.  Detroit Concrete Leveling separates ourselves from other slabjacking companies because we use only 100% limestone to repair your concrete slabs.  The advantage of limestone over other substances like topsoil is that limestone is far less likely to wash away over time as a result of heavy or sustained rain.

To complete the slabjacking process, our crew will drill several small holes into the damaged concrete slabs, and those holes serve as the injection point for the limestone.  When injected, the limestone creates pressure underneath the concrete slab and raises its level with the height of the surrounding slabs.  Because the limestone is less susceptible to erosion, your concrete slab will have a new-found strength and durability that simple does not occur with lesser substances.

There are numerous other advantages to choosing slabjacking repair over full replacement.  Replacing a slab is messier than concrete leveling.  Because your slabs do not need to be removed, there is no concrete debris to litter your property.  This also means that you do not lose use of your driveway, walkway, or patio, other than the time it takes for us to drill the holes and inject the limestone underneath.  If your slabs are adjacent to grassy areas, there is virtually no disruption to or destruction of those areas, so you do not need to worry about reseeding or re-sodding those areas.  Finally, slabjacking can be done in almost any weather conditions, so you do not need to wait until a favorable season in order to fix your affected slabs.

Experienced Slabjacking Company in Detroit

Detroit Concrete Leveling is an industry leader in concrete slab repair, and we would be happy to work with you.  Call us at (866) 472-9033 and we will be happy to talk more with you about our slabjacking services.


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