Slab Jacking Michigan

Slab Jacking MichiganConcrete replacement is one of those home improvement projects that will make your jaw drop when you see the expensive price tag. Full concrete replacement is something that many homeowners cannot afford. In turn, the concrete on their property continues to weaken as the repairs are ignored. That is, unless they hear about slab jacking. This process is a much more affordable option to concrete replacement, and it yields effective results. When it comes to slab jacking in Michigan, there is no better contractor to choose than our qualified and experienced team at Detroit Concrete Leveling.

Get Rid of Sunken Concrete with Slab Jacking in Michigan

Just because your existing concrete may be uneven, it doesn’t mean that the entire paving material has to be replaced. Offering slab jacking in Michigan, our staff utilizes 100% limestone to fill under the recessed concrete. This is a much more effective material that lasts longer than materials from other contractors who offer slab jacking in Michigan and use less durable dirt or topsoil instead. Slab jacking in Michigan gets rid of your sunken concrete once and for all. At Detroit Concrete Leveling, we’ve been providing these services since 1977 and our slab jacking in Michigan is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The Perks of Slab Jacking in Michigan

When it comes to slab jacking in Michigan, there are many perks that we want our potential clients to be aware of. These perks include:

  • Affordability – Simply put, slab jacking in Michigan is offered at as little as ⅓ of the cost of concrete replacement. The money that you save can then be put to use in another more effective way.
  • Less Disturbance – Concrete replacement can throw your property out of whack for multiple days. Slab jacking in Michigan on the other hand will allow for the concrete on your property to be used again early the following day.
  • Less Waste – Full concrete replacement causes a very large amount of waste that ends up in your local landfill. By investing in slab jacking in Michigan, you’ll be able to keep your landfill clear of excess waste thanks to the environmentally friendly aspect of these services from Detroit Concrete Leveling.

If the concrete on your property needs some tender love and care, don’t assume that concrete replacement is your only option. Instead, it is beneficial for you to consider slab jacking as an affordable alternative. If you’re interested in slab jacking in Michigan, please give our team at Detroit Concrete Leveling a call today at (866) 472-9033 to learn more about the perks that slab jacking can provide!

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