Is Concrete Flooring Right for Your Home?

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Concrete flooring is becoming a popular option for new and remodeled homes because it is more affordable than hardwood, carpet, and even some laminate options. It can be stained and formed to look like exquisite tile flooring, but at the end of the day, it’s just a jazzed-up version of what you have in your driveway. Before you choose to add this to your home, you need to understand the pros and cons of concrete flooring. Consider the information below.

It’s Durable But Not Invincible

Concrete flooring is incredibly durable, which means it should last for quite some time. With that in mind, a large concrete slab could crack and chip over time. Much like the concrete on the exterior of your home, the concrete on the interior will be subject to movements in the ground or changes in the weather. It may eventually become unlevel due to its surroundings. At that time, you will have to get your flooring leveled and you’ll probably have to redo the surface of the concrete.

It Looks Good But Feels Cold

In the harsh Detroit winters, your concrete flooring is going to turn into an ice skating rink of freezing temperatures. The heat in your home will help warm it up, but it will still be a little shocking first thing in the morning. Concrete looks great and can be strategically covered with area rugs, but it will never be as warm as carpeting.

It Is Versatile But Limited

The statement above may seem like it is contradicting itself, but that is not the case. Concrete flooring is versatile in the way it can be stained and formed, but it is limited in its textures and high-end appeal. Even though you can make concrete look like expensive tile, people will know it’s just concrete whenever they walk around on it. There are more and more designs for stained concrete popping up every year, but the options still aren’t as expansive as you may want them to be. You should still be able to find something you love in the end though.

Is Concrete Flooring Right For Your Home?

If you want something that is cheap and easy to clean, concrete flooring is a great choice for you. If you would prefer something that is more comfortable and a little more luxurious, go for hardwood or carpeting. As long as you spend your money on items you can be happy with, there should be no issues with your flooring.

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