Concrete is an affordable, long-lasting material that works for just about any project imaginable, but over time, concrete floors and pathways can settle into the ground.

Settled concrete can be dangerous and unsightly, but luckily, it can be repaired with concrete leveling. This saves you from having to pay for a complete replacement.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why Concrete Settles

1 – Drying And Shrinking Of Soil

If the ground underneath the concrete starts to dry and shrink, the concrete may not be able to maintain a level surface.

You may notice cracks in your concrete or lopsided areas that are hard to walk around. If you have a particularly unusual season of weather one year, do not be surprised if your concrete suffers from the aftermath.

2 – Loosely Compacted Fill Soils

If the fill soil used during the construction of your home is not compacted properly, it will eventually settle and bring your concrete down with it. The soil will start to compress due to the weight of the concrete, and it will ultimately cause your concrete to settle.

3 – Plumbing Leaks

If the plumbing below your concrete leaks, it can wash away the soil that supports it. It may also cause flooding under the concrete, which will create a shift in the weight and balance of the slabs.

4 – Tree Roots

While not as common as the other causes of concrete settlement, tree roots growing near a home can cause concrete to become unlevel. This is usually the case for old, large trees with thick roots near the surface. If you have a big tree on your property, you may want to prepare for this before your concrete is installed.

5 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes can cause a variety of structural damages to a home, from cracks in the walls to offsets in the doorways. Of course, this can also cause your concrete to sink because the ground shifts unexpectedly. Luckily, issues like this and the others mentioned above can usually be corrected with concrete leveling, especially if you get the repairs done right away.

Whether your concrete settles from poor installation or Mother Nature at her finest, you can get it looking like new again without having to get it replaced with our company.

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