5 Easy-to-Fix Backyard Trip Hazards

You backyard is supposed to be a miniature oasis for you to enjoy. It cannot be that way if you and your family are constantly tripping in the yard though. You may not realize just how many spots in your yard are potential tripping areas, but once you see them, you can make your yard a safer place to be. Here are 5 easy-to-fix backyard trip hazards.


Small holes can be just as dangerous as big holes if they are deep enough to catch your foot in. If you notice some holes in your yard, fill them with a little dirt and a patch of sod. Try to think about what may have caused the holes and correct that problem as well. For instance, if you have a dog, you may need to train him not to dig around outside.

Raised Tree Roots

Tree roots can extend far beyond the base of a tree, and they can even have an impact on your home's foundation over time. If you have a large tree that is becoming a danger to your family, you may need to consider having it relocated. For an easy fix though, try building up dirt around the raised roots so they are like small mounds to walk across. You'll be less likely to trip on these.


Toys and playground equipment can become trip hazards if they are scattered around the yard. Teach your children to put up their toys when they are finished playing with them, and make sure the support bars of swing set and jungle gyms are firmly planted in the ground. Also consider painting the boarder of a low-lying sand box a bright color so people are more likely to see it as they walk by.

Sidewalk Blocks

If you have a path in your back yard made of stones or blocks, consider replacing that with something more solid. You could create a gravel pathway instead, or you could have a solid concrete one installed. This leaves less room for tripping because you don't have to worry about each stone individually.

Uneven Concrete

If you notice peaks and valleys in your concrete, get it repaired. This includes issues with cracks in the concrete, as those are easy to trip over. You may be able to handle some small repairs on your own, but if the problem gets bad enough, call in some professional concrete leveling experts to help you out. We fix uneven concrete throughout Southeast Michigan and Detroit.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Concrete Settles

Concrete is an affordable, long-lasting material that works for just about any project imaginable, but over time, concrete floors and pathways can settle into the ground.

Settled concrete can be dangerous and unsightly, but luckily, it can be repaired with concrete leveling. This saves you from having to pay for a complete replacement.

Here Are The Top 5 Reasons Why Concrete Settles

1 – Drying And Shrinking Of Soil

If the ground underneath the concrete starts to dry and shrink, the concrete may not be able to maintain a level surface.

You may notice cracks in your concrete or lopsided areas that are hard to walk around. If you have a particularly unusual season of weather one year, do not be surprised if your concrete suffers from the aftermath.

2 – Loosely Compacted Fill Soils

If the fill soil used during the construction of your home is not compacted properly, it will eventually settle and bring your concrete down with it. The soil will start to compress due to the weight of the concrete, and it will ultimately cause your concrete to settle.

3 – Plumbing Leaks

If the plumbing below your concrete leaks, it can wash away the soil that supports it. It may also cause flooding under the concrete, which will create a shift in the weight and balance of the slabs.

4 – Tree Roots

While not as common as the other causes of concrete settlement, tree roots growing near a home can cause concrete to become unlevel. This is usually the case for old, large trees with thick roots near the surface. If you have a big tree on your property, you may want to prepare for this before your concrete is installed.

5 – Earthquakes

Earthquakes can cause a variety of structural damages to a home, from cracks in the walls to offsets in the doorways. Of course, this can also cause your concrete to sink because the ground shifts unexpectedly. Luckily, issues like this and the others mentioned above can usually be corrected with concrete leveling, especially if you get the repairs done right away.

Whether your concrete settles from poor installation or Mother Nature at her finest, you can get it looking like new again without having to get it replaced with our company.

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Fixing The Foundations

Wedge anchors can be utilized in various applications as long as the base material is solid concrete. Unlike many other real fasteners, the wedge point can not be utilized in brick or block.

It is time now to install Päram 5500. It is mixed in 2-bag batches at one time. For every single bag, increase 5.75quarts of cool, potable water. Mix for at least 3 minutes with a heavy duty drill equipment a lump-free mix to be obtained by minimum 650rpm. Install at a minimum of 3\/8" thickness within the highest point in a floor.

This really is more advantageous than the conventional method due to the undeniable fact that it is much cheaper and no expensive materials are needed by it. Set alongside the old-fashioned approach that we always use.

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mud jacking sterling heights mi is just a way of increasing sunken real slabs back once again to their original level. The technology used in this process is usually the one used in raising an on a hydraulic lift in a repair shop the same. You can find holes (2' in diameter) drilled through the sunken and tilted concrete slabs and under pressure a grout or perhaps a polyurethane substance is then pumped into the holes. And as it begins to spread underneath the slab it also exerts pressure and begins to improve it.

In the past week I shot installing Mapei home progressing concrete in a new restaurant. It absolutely was the sole flooring solution that could work.

Many common means of waterproofing are bentonite clay, rubber membrane, tar, road. One factor that will determine what substance and method could be the situation and products of your basis. Still another factor that might help you choose is individual choice. Research of each and every substance is a great idea before generally making your decision.

Restoring The Foundations

Now that you understand the value of slab jacking clinton township mi technique in repairing concrete, you'll now probably method in a complete new perspective. It is popular, it's cheaper, it's cost effective and it is shown to become more effective. Therefore the next time repairs are needed by you to your real floor, you know very well what approach to use.

Basis repair is very important, as well. Through the use of basis repair services; you'll be ensuring the longevity of your dwelling. Restoring your foundation is straightforward and will include progressing, filling, and fixing every break within the surface of the slabs. Once more, it is important to have as it can end up being quite costly to complete over the proper person do this job.

The water-based slc is really a single part compound that is combined with a particular amount of cold and clear water; this amount of water may be slightly modified depending on the air temperature and surface's intake.

concrete raising troy mi

Concrete Leveling

As the wires could be damaged by you with this particular resource when utilized on u\/f heating wires a word of caution. Also caution when using rollers as it is possible to "spray" the furniture and surrounding walls with levelling substance. Always move it extra slow and similar to the object\/wall\/doors...

A concrete involves high risks that's why repairs needs to be of utmost concern. It is essential that the immediate procedure should be done to deal with such problem especially when it relates to group safety and health. It is always better to work immediately if the problem is already observed in order that it might be cured instantly. Do not wait for the broken because higher cost doesn't be only meant by it to spend but also a lot to become more significant more time and effort to consume. Why await tomorrow when you are able make things right these days?

New Energy Move Gear For Real

These are simply some of the advantages you may get from these services. To learn more about floor progressing and real restoration services, consult a professional designer.

It's time now to put in Päram 5500. It's mixed in 2-bag batches previously. For each case, increase 5.75quarts of great, potable water. Mix for at the least three minutes with huge duty drill equipment a lump-free mix to be obtained by minimum 650rpm. Install at no less than 3\/8" width within the highest level in the floor.

concrete raising warren mi ought to be done with accuracy. It needs holes to be placed by builders logically and approximately 11\/2 inch holes in the piece. The "filling" which will be made up of stabilizing grout (mainly limestone and cement) is pumped to raise it to its proper level. With proper drainage and securing the result of leveling can last forever. Concrete Lifting Utah focuses on mudjacking or precision cement leveling where the basis is found to unstable.

Concrete Leveling

residential concrete leveling clinton township mi

It's important that the correct drill and drill bits are used, because the hole tolerance is crucial in the efficiency of the wedge anchor. A hammer drill ought to be used rather than common power drill because it creates a much better quality hole. A carbide-tipped masonry bit must also be properly used as they are created specifically for use in hammer drills and meet ANSI standards.

Self progressing concrete is an remarkable product. The beauty of self leverers is as possible control the height of your floor. They are able to also be stained and covered. Mapei makes a home leveling item that may level smooth as glass with very nearly zero shrinkage. Other programs are working on similar services and products.

Virtually all infrastructures created around the globe today are concrete made. Concrete is a derivative of the Latin word "concretus," which simply means compact or reduced. Quite a while ago, it has been thought to be a generally applied building material. It's an assortment of travel ash, aggregates, cement, water and other chemical blends.

Concrete increasing (called concrete raising, mud jacking, or slab jacking) is just a process to raise sunken and uneven concrete back up to grade and even out fractures and joints. It generally does not cost a lot of money either. While it is best to let an expert do the job, it is fairly simple to perform for experts. A matrix of holes are drilled in the sunken concrete and a slurry is mixed up and moved through the gap, filling voids and increasing the concrete right back up. The holes are then full of cement and the walk or drive section can be used right away. This process will raise a sunken or straight porch, uneven sidewalks or driveways, sunken measures, share porches, nearly any slab concrete.

Restoring Your Home's Basis

You will need these supplies: walkway mold, concrete combination, concrete color (if desired), and concrete sealer, to create this walkway. You'll also need, but might previously have: wheelbarrow, trowel, ocean, scoop, protective equipment (mask, goggles, boots, gloves), sand, wooden limits, plastic sheeting, and a hose.

Do not wait until it's too late to recruit these companies. Citizens of America, please take note about these dilemmas and evaluate your own house or office to see if these need to be done. Click Here To Lean More, Mudjacking, and Foundation Repair should always function as the first concern about how exactly to keep your office and house. Through the use of these services, you are ensuring your loved ones and co-workers that they will not need to concern yourself with the building having some thing fail but that it'll be fixed and a lot better than ever.

As opposed to throwing your hard earned money away through removing the undamaged element of the slab that is still useful, why not take to the real raising approach? By doing real training, the fix will only be performed on the damaged section and the part of a piece will not be wasted by any means.

concrete leveling warren mi

Concrete Leveling

While now there are those who think about concrete healing (clean or intricate) as you thing as simple as a do-it-yourself matter the outcome remains to be observed. There is no question about one's potential to fix or repair some thing, the issue is how long can it take for the work to be carried out and how exact and durable is the result. Why don't you keep the work to a professional and a specialist in real lifting and get it done in several hours without compromising the caliber of work? You would maybe not desire to spend money to some thing you'll do today and afterwards will have an individual to update the duty would you?

When anchoring into cement, wedge anchors are an excellent choice due to their holding beliefs. The holding strength of the wedge anchor, much like any anchor, is definitely determined by the quality of the cement. As a guideline, a factor of 4:1, or 25%, is normally recognized as a safe working load. Holding values are also based on the depth of the embedment- the further the embedment, the greater the holding values. The wedge point should be inserted into the concrete up to or after dark minimum embedment range to have published holding prices. It is also essential to make certain that the anchors are not placed too close together or too close to an unsupported edge.

Real Lifting And Their Essential Benefits

Repairing concrete foundations may sound simple but the fact is, it takes skills and precision. To be sure that you get the best value of one's money, have an expert do the task for you. though that there are issues which cannot be fixed by this process nevertheless the positive thing is if your trouble can still be settled that with concrete raising clinton township mi experts you will be recommended It's plain.

Real repair can help you save more cash. In the place of preparing for a fresh development, it's better to check the structure's situation first to see if it may be preserved. Going for complete replacement means money and additional time. if you're able to make your home safe and more secure without damaging your allowance Why pay for a brand new building? Treating ground imperfections and discolored surfaces can also be easy. All you've got to do is always to find a reliable company to accomplish the task.

The merchandise has been created with the user in mind, working with a trusted robin \/ Subaru gas engine, and could be placed easily in two hands. The procedure is straightforward and is completed in a standing approach so, no straight back breaking, no being covered head to foot in concrete. Also the time saving, work reducing part of this device really comes into an unique - enabling just one single man to complete the job of a few, and in less time.

Concrete Leveling

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One essential part of restoration is foundation waterproofing. This is very true for older domiciles without this advantage, and those at risk of flooding. This will prevent water damage and mold if it is has not already occurred, or will prevent any more from developing if it has. There is nothing more annoying than wasting your own time fixing your basis, only to experience a flood couple of years later and have to do it all over again!

Protect the conclusion with concrete wax, after the concrete has cured. Follow the manufacturer's directions to use. This will supply a hard water-resistant finish that can withstand something that nature throws at it.

The final step up using color to the concrete would be to use a water-based concrete dye over the surface of the floor. You certainly can do this by spraying on the color and then night it out suing a sizable microfibre mop. This will dry overnight and then you use two coats of wax and then an end to provide an ideal ground to you that will look wonderful in virtually any space of your home.

Concrete raising (called concrete lifting, mud jacking, or slab jacking) is a process to boost sunken and uneven concrete back up to class and even out cracks and joints. It does not cost a king's ransom either. While it is best to allow a professional do the job, it is quite simple to do for experts. A matrix of holes are drilled in the concrete and a slurry is mixed up and pumped through the hole, filling voids and raising the concrete straight back up. The holes are then filled up with cement and the walk or drive part can be used right away. This technique may raise a sunken or tilted deck, unequal sidewalks or driveways, sunken steps, share porches, almost any slab concrete.

Why Go For Real Leveling?

This project can be accomplished by anyone working alone, and all but the greatest walkways can be completed in a single day (not including curing and sealing of course).

The best thing concerning this sort of cement is that you may use it after you move into the home and with the color you don't have to use wood or tile on the top of it. If you already have baseboards mounted, all you've to do is remove them and start using the concrete to level a floor. Of course, you will maybe not be able to walk on those parts while the concrete is drying, so you may have to make other plans because of this time frame.

Real raising is really a cost-effective method of fixing a sunken pavement, an uneven driveway, or a tragedy deck. Unlike whole replacement, concrete rising may be done before ground freezes within the concrete. This usually does occur around mid-December in most northern states, so it's perhaps not too late to improve that sidewalk backup or to even out a hazard on your methods or in your garage. Actually, before those stumbling problems are covered up by snow, making them more dangerous, it's a good time to do something!

Concrete Leveling

If your home or office has cracks or other physical signs of foundation damage, you'll have to get your foundation fixed. Foundation repair is a superb and simple solution to get your foundations repaired and will offer a variety of necessary fixing. Don't wait till your foundation gives way or breaks, contact a foundation restoration company today for prices and about what is happening in your house.

concrete raising sterling heights mi

Go Here To Find Out More is just a construction and repair process used to correct sunken and named concrete foundations. It involves an activity of drilling holes into specific areas where grout or a polyurethane substance will soon be pumped. Through hydraulic pressure, the concrete foundations will soon be increased until it reaches its original level. This method is recognized as to become a very affordable method of restoration since unlike the standard process of solving damaged real pieces, Concrete Leveling only requires a fraction of the full total budget of supposed alternative.

Again, wedge type concrete fasteners were created for used in solid concrete only. They are made to go into a hole in concrete. Once installed, these wedge anchors can't be eliminated without destroying the concrete. The size of the anchor is always equivalent to the size of the gap that needs to be drilled into the concrete. The threshold between the point and the opening is extremely limited. As the anchor is hammered into the hole, the show is recessed in the hole of the conical area, allowing the anchor to penetrate the hole. Setting the point, the rod must certanly be pulled-up (which occurs while the nut has been tightened), making the cut move outward on the tapered room, wedging itself between the rod and the wall of the gap.

More Than 90 of basement wall concrete breaks pose no architectural threat- but what about water seepage? Where you can find fractures, moisture will usually follow, either now or later. So just how the issue must be dealt with?

Fence installation in Ottawa requires a large amount of expertise instead just digging holes, making articles and hanging wire mesh. Patience must certanly be applied constantly to achieve a practical barrier around your home.

Formulate the edge of one's pathway and mark it with stakes. Remove one inch of sod from the area for an expert finish. Save your self the sod and use to fill out gaps when the concrete has cured. Just set it aside in a cool place and keep it moist.

Affordable Advantages Of Concrete Leveling

Breaks in a sidewalk or floor are a different problem. While they can simply be the result of material shrinkage during the curing process, they can also result from extension, contraction and other forces. since it will simply serve to hide the problem, In cases like this, shallow patching or filling is not the answer.

All the moldings were already in and painted. Tile was installed in your kitchen leaving a height matter where it meets the key floor. Entrance door was installed making little top for floor below the door. All the gates had a level issue at the change.

This cement is very damp and flows within the ground to create a straight surface. Then you definitely use a device, called a Smoother, which has a flat border attached to a post, to erase the concrete by taking it within the area. The process is amazingly fast. You could resurface the floor of a complete house in under two hours using this type of cement.

Concrete Leveling

residential concrete leveling shelby township mi

Until it is too late to get these services do not wait. Citizens of America, please take note about these dilemmas and review your own house or office to see if these have to be done. concrete raising shelby township mi, Mudjacking, and Foundation Repair should always function as the first consideration about how exactly to keep up your office and house. Through the use of these services, you're ensuring your household and co-workers that they'll not have to be concerned about the building having some thing fail but that it'll be fixed and better than ever.

If you want a fast and easy solution to the sunken concrete slabs in your garage or somewhere else in your home, then Concrete Lifting is what you are trying to find! The concrete raising process has changed into a recognized alternative repair way for sunken and straight concrete pieces not only because it's cost-efficient but in addition because it does not need so enough time to obtain a certain task done. Contrary to the standard techniques, when the process is completed, you'll then have an immediate access to the repaired area thus not causing any inconvenience and delay to the things that you need to do on that particular zone.

Stone is well known for its trademark gray color and longevity, though it can be chosen in brown, blue and green shades. It is possible to set record tiles over a concrete porch or deck for a grand first impression will be made by a low-maintenance surface. Proper installing of slate tiles requires close attention to leveling each part and aligning the sides so the joints are regular and even.

Concrete Resurfacing With Home Progressing Real Over Wood Surfaces Or Plywood Substrates

Everybody has heard about power drifts, also known as a wet screed models, floor screeders, or real levelers, they have been used by some, and for those that haven´t had the experience I would like to encourage one to do this. The huge benefits they offer in terms of installing and progressing cement are incredible. Laying real can be, and generally speaking is dirty business and work - the power float can also reduce steadily the time taken and the man power needed, at the same time as providing a smoother, higher quality finish and a working environment.

Concrete ground raising is the best alternative to eliminating and replacing submerged, moved or broken concrete walls. This process requires few hours only of recovery rather than the days and days of replacing and removing concrete. It may be especially set only by placing an opening into the tilted concrete and serving in grout or a memory compound directly into the similar opening which by pressure causes the concrete to go up. One benefit of using this approach would likely be as the solution wear to this problem is for a long-term. It's because it's resistant to solvents and some additional conditions leading concretes to degrade.

Foundation repair is another thing that homeowners should be aware of about - this choice will complete and repair the cracks and tears within the foundation of the house. This will end all further cracking and will prevent the house from being totally destroyed. This will make your property last longer and continue steadily to bring happiness to you for quite some time to come.

concrete raising troy mi

Installing calcium aluminate cement based self-leveling concrete, Päram 5500 and Päram Super Primer along side expanded metal lath for support is an effective fast-track solution to convert a wood subfloor into a beautiful concrete floor. We recommend using Param 5500 at a minimum thickness of 3\/8" to resist lateral movement and traffic stress.

All around the state and generally around the world, the issue of concrete lifting occurs. That is marked by breaks and leveling of concrete all over your building and place. I am very sure that you have got one today in your own home! Pondering fixing it and also the amount of money it'll take one to do this gives a headache. Now, how do you want to have it fixed in a most reliable technique without damaging your pockets? The very best choice could be residential concrete leveling troy mi process which already existed for quite a long time. You'd not have to lose your whole floor and anticipate days to have it restored and spend large amounts to fix these tripping hazards.

Then again the greatest advantageous asset of having a polyurethane compound is that it is normally a light material. It is not as difficult as grout though yet enough to get a real surface into position. This might be a more pricey product yet this is in fact the most popular and good substance intended for light materials will be merely needed by functions.

The item has been designed with the user in mind, working with a reliable robin \/ Subaru gas engine, and can be placed comfortably in two hands. The procedure is easy and is performed in a standing way so, no back breaking, no being covered head to toe in concrete. Also the time saving, job reducing element of this device really comes into an unique - enabling just one person to accomplish the work of two or three, and in less time.