Increase your Property Value with Concrete Leveling

If you have any doubts about whether or not investing in concrete leveling can increase your property value, we hope you will take it from us, experts in the field since 1977.  We see property values rise all the time as a result of concrete leveling.  The equation is simple, really.  When concrete begins to show signs of settling, you start seeing cracks.  Before long, those cracks become worse and you are now dealing with tripping hazards.  If things get really bad, such as when settling and erosion underneath your concrete slabs is severe, your driveway or walkway may become unusable.  At best, your damaged slabs look like an eye-sore.  At worst, you could be dealing with a real safety problem.  Detroit Concrete Leveling specializes in professional concrete leveling - which is more effective and less expensive than replacing your concrete.

Concrete Solutions for your Property

When it comes time for assessors to look at and evaluate your property, they will make note of the condition of your entire property, including your concrete driveway, walkways and the foundation of your home.  If they are in poor condition, your property value will suffer as a result.  But just as concrete slabs that are in poor condition will decrease your property’s value, repairing those slabs with concrete leveling will increase your property’s value.  Our team can raise your sunken driveway, sidewalk, patio, stairs, garage floors, and basement floor.

If you are considering selling your home, prospective buyers will see the exterior of your property first.  And we all know what they say about making first impressions.  Your house’s first impression could make the difference between a potential buyer checking out the interior of your home and walking away before entering.  If they walk into your house, there is a chance that the work you have done to upgrade and clean the interior will impress that buyer enough to eventually make an offer.   But if your driveway or walkways create a poor first impression, all the work you have done to make the interior presentable and appealing will have been for naught.

Benefits of Concrete Leveling

Ultimately, there is no good reason NOT to invest in concrete leveling, and Detroit Concrete Leveling has been doing excellent work in helping people increase their property value since 1977.  Our concrete leveling process is quite simple and far less expensive than replacing concrete slabs altogether.  We drill small holes in the existing concrete and fill the holes so that the slabs return to their original levels. We fill the small injection holes and dye the filler to match the color of the slab and the entire process leaves the area neat and clean.  And when the process is complete, you will be able to feel good about the fact that you have taken a step toward increasing the value of your property.  We complete most jobs in a matter of hours.

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